opening day approaches

We’re completing the last steps to open for business, and we’re expecting to meet our scheduled opening date of March 21st.  Jesse has to order our initial inventory of service parts, then figure out how best to load our mobile service shop.

The main difficulty in doing this is to try to best match what inventory we stock with what people actually need.  Road bike parts?  Mountain bike parts?  Inner tubes?  What sizes?  Those are only a few examples of the questions that arise.  The available storage space in our shop van limits what, and how much of each inventory item we can carry.  We’re going to closely track this, carefully noting what our customers need, so we can always improve the service we offer.  We’ll certainly be able to get parts you need quickly if we don’t have them already.

freedom of the ride

I vividly remember my first real bike.  It was an old single speed kid’s bike rolling on what I knew as balloon tires.  It had only one brake, the rear coaster brake.  I wish I had a picture of it.  I grew tired of the training wheels, so I found the wrench that fit the axle bolts and took them off myself.

Reminiscing about it, it wasn’t the bike that was so great, it was the freedom, the mobility that I remember.  I could go many times farther in a day on that bike than I could ever walk.  My world got big when I took off those training wheels.

Over the years, I’ve never forgotten the joy I got from that simple freedom of being able to go wherever I wanted.  All it cost me to get somewhere was time. Centralia Cycle Works exists to restore that freedom to you by offering top quality bicycle servicing from a mobile platform.